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Let children be creative and grow excellent

About us

The aim of VEDHAM Education is to prepare the student for life forming them to be men and women of competence ,conscience and compassion who would be committed to the service of their fellow brothers and sisters .Following the example of great people who had’ God Alone’ as his motto ,he/she ,as an individual and as a member of society ,must be helped to develop qualities of the mind ,the heart ,as well as the necessary skills and attitudes which enable him/her to be integrated person who will be a concerned and a contributing member of the society and of the nation

Our history

An attitude of care and concern leading to share with others, especially the needy and A healthy and warm relationship with others beyond his / her kith or kin, breaking the narrow walls of prejudice based on caste, religion, language etc. Condemns violence in every form and promotes peace and harmony.

  • School Faculties organise teaching into individual subjects.
  • The School is rich in history and hosts impressive events
  • 15+ years of children, and achievements that continue to transform.
  • The Schools core values are as follows:freedom of thought.


The professional standards and expectations

Mr.Sathyapu srinivas Reddy


Mr.Baji Reddy

Vice Principal

Mr.Srinivas Vyas

Academic Director - IIIrd-Vth Class

Mrs.Rekha Bohra

Academic Director Nur-Ukg Class


Academic Director I-II Class


HOD Subject :Social Studies

B Hanmandloo

HOD Subject :Hindi

U Brahmaji

HOD Subject :Science

Gaddam. Rajashekar Reddy

Admin Office Incharge


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